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04 1020 7888 or 04 0619 1234
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Aussie Mobile?

  1. Dial our access number, 04 1020 7888 or 04 0619 1234 using your inclusive mobile minutes or Mobile CAP minutes.

  2. When prompted, dial 0011 and the international number (including the country code) followed by #. ie: Dial like you would if you were using Telstra but just key in the # at the end. For example, if you were dialing a land line number in the UK it would be 0011 44 20 7603 3355 (this is just an example and is the phone number of the Hilton in London so donít call it!).

  3. Make sure that you do not hit the SEND button on your mobile. This will cause your call to go over your mobile providers network and incur charges.

Is it really free?

Aussie Mobile provides international long distance calling for free, however you are responsible for the cost of the call from your mobile phone to our gateway. This means if you make a 30 minute call to India, you are going to be charged by your mobile phone provider for a 30 minute call to our access number.

Please be aware of what your mobile minutes cost before using our service. If you are on a prepaid plan that is very expensive, Aussie Mobile might not be right for you.

Do I need to provide any personal information or enter any pin codes?

No. You do not need to create an account, provide us with any personal information, or credit card information. You also do not need to enter a PIN code. Just dial your international destination when our prompt instructs you to.

Is your access number a premium number?

No. Our access number is a normal mobile number. You will only be charged whatever your normal charge is for dialing a mobile number.

What mobile network is your access number on?

Our access number is not part of any major commercial network.

Can I use same network minutes to call your access number?

Same network minutes such as Optus to Optus, 3 to 3, or Virgin to Virgin typically cannot be used for calling our access number.

Can I call using a landline?

If the home or land phone you are calling from has a mobile cap as part of its service plan, then you can use it to call our access number. Please be aware of the costs of the call from your provider before calling our access number.

In order to offer this as a free service, we are using a mobile access number so that we do not need to pay for the cost of an inbound call to our gateway.

Can I call using a computer or soft phone?

You cannot use a computer or soft phone to dial our access number.

Do you have a non mobile access number or access numbers outside of Australia?

No and no. Our only access number is the Australian mobile access number listed.

Who should use Aussie Mobile?

If the cost of your mobile minutes or mobile cap plan is less than what it would typically cost you to make an international call, then you should use Aussie Mobile. If you are on a prepaid mobile plan with rates higher than what a typical calling card to your international destination costs, then you should not use Aussie Mobile.
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